Kitchen Gadget Rehab…Taking Back Control

In the past year I have given away (via “freecycle”, a fantastic organisation) or otherwise disposed of the following kitchen items:

  • Silicon Egg Poachers that look like moulds for breast implants and do not work
  • A duplicate set of measuring cups (why did I have THREE lots to start with? and why do I still have TWO sets now for that matter?)
  • 1 Slow Cooker (nicknamed the very slow cooker round our house)
  • 1 Juicer that was utterly pathetic in its ability to extract an amount anyone could call a “drink of juice”
  • Loads of mismatched Tupperware containers that just fell off shelves every time I was stacking away dishes, and as my husband kindly pointed out, were only little plastic temporary coffins for never-to-be-consumed leftovers that turned our fridge into something resembling a morgue.
  • Several casserole dishes in sizes I do not use, i.e. the enormous ones that hardly fit in the oven without a shove, and the teensy ones that are not ramekins — I have no idea what or who these were for, fairy banquets presumably
  • A bright yellow padded banana bag that was supposed to keep your bananas fresh and failed miserably in its primary mission
  • Lots of other useless items from my small but expensive Lakeland kitchen gadgets habit that I managed to kick “cold turkey”…ho, ho
  • I also rationalised my chopping boards by actually binning the old, scored ones that I no longer use…I mean, what were they hanging about there for?  The Last Rights? Resurrection?  Strength in numbers so they could stage a coup?

The microwave is off my countertops too and in the garage, plugged in but used almost never.  I highly recommend kitchen rehab: it is just not seemly to be caught desperately rummaging about  in over-stuffed drawers for one’s equipment …

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