Endorsements Policy

I DO NOT take money or freebie samples or review products from suppliers, retailers or anyone else connected with the making, processing or marketing of food and drink.  I am not being particularly noble, it is just that my blog is not aimed at making me money in this way and while I have had some really nice offers, I don’t have the time or frankly the inclination to go off to do a brewery tour and then slosh myself onto public transport to get home.  That was me 20 years ago!

You will see some ads on this blog, but that is not in my control, I have a free wordpress.com account and that means wordpress do place some ads in my content for which they receive any click-through revenue, not me.  It’s pennies anyway, so who cares?

While I do mention places and products, this is because I shop and cook and from time to time I have something to say about that part of my life.

If, however, some insane outfit wanted to pay me a year’s salary to fly out to Italy for a month and report back how fab the food is, please contact me and I will jack in my actual job.

27skyler at gmail dot com

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