Hello! I lived in Hampshire in the UK when I started this blog, hence the title.  We moved along the coast to a rented property with the world’s most unreliable oven, and so I had to stop blogging. Happily, I’m now able to revamp hampshirecook.com, so please accept my apologies as things may look messy for a while.

I’m hoping the new website will bring you more lovely recipes, pictures and a permanent set of recipe resources.

In understanding the kind of recipes I post, I have Waitrose tastes and an Asda budget, with almost no time to languish and experiment in the kitchen, much as I might like to.

My practical philosophy is the more ingredients used, the more expensive and time-consuming the dish will be.  This means I tend to limit ingredients, though hopefully not in a gimmicky way.  And we don’t do too much processed stuff here–the best advice I have ever heard on food is never buy products that contain ingredients that could not conceivably be lurking in your own cupboards.  Well, I try.

The other thing I should mention is that the recipes I use, for very boring allergy-related reasons (unless you have an allergy too), are cinnamon-free and chili/paprika-free.  That doesn’t stop me though making a purringly-good prawn curry.


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