I lived in Hampshire in the UK when I started this blog, hence the title.  We moved along the coast to West Sussex, to a rented property with the world’s most unreliable oven and I had to stop blogging while looking for a proper new home.  32 house viewings and two years later, after being blown half way across the kitchen by that unreliable 30-year-old gas oven, we found our Dun Roamin’.  Estates and letting agents are the spawn of the devil.

This site is intended to be my family recipe collection. In understanding the kind of recipes I post, I have Waitrose tastes and an Asda budget, with almost no time to languish and experiment in the kitchen, much as I might like to.  So, my practical philosophy is the more ingredients used, the more expensive and time-consuming the dish will be.  This means I tend to limit ingredients, though hopefully not in a gimmicky way.  And we don’t do too much processed stuff here–the best advice I have ever heard on this is never buy products that contain ingredients that could not conceivably be lurking in your own cupboards.  Well, I try.

The other thing I should mention is that the recipes I use, for very boring allergy-related reasons (unless you have an allergy too), are cinnamon-free and chili/paprika-free.  That doesn’t stop me though making a purringly-good prawn curry.

If you would like to contact me please email to 27skyler at gmail.com or leave a comment.

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