The Macaroon Charity Diet



I don’t bake, but my sister does–those genes unevenly distributed in our family.   Sis loves baking–mostly cakes but also biscuits, fudge, brownies & macaroons–anything sweet, delicious and wonderful.  In fact, if the Great British Bake Off was the Great British Cake Off, she would enter in a heartbeat…she is just not so keen on making bread or pies, hence her hesitation.

Unfortunately, sis does not have the big family to go along with eating her fabulous cakes, and she is trying to shed a LOT of weight  (3 stone gone already this year–42lbs, wow).  Thus, her diet tip for those that would “have their cakes and eat them” while on a diet is charity baking.  She bakes at weekends and sells her wares round the office, and the money raised goes to the “flavour of the month” charity.  She usually does keep back a slice for her own tea break, but one slice is a whole lot better that one entire cake, which kind of was what had been happening…and of course, its nice to share and good for her to get positive feedback from colleagues.

The macaroon flavours here for those interested are raspberry, lemon, strawberries & cream and orange.  The ones below are chocolate ganache, coconut and coffee.  Lovely they were.

More Macaroons


5 thoughts on “The Macaroon Charity Diet

  1. By the way, found out the price of these in the shops. Paul, the french patisserie that you can find all over London now, sells large ones (7cm across) for £2.95! And they sell a box of mini ones (3.5cm across) at £8.25 for a dozen! And fancy places like Harrods sell them for much more. The homemade one’s you got were around 5cm.

    I’m thinking if I can get the filling recipe right, then I could do a dozen at a cost of around £3, and sell for £6, with the difference going to charity. I’m scouring websites for something along the lines of a custard cream biscuit filling, long lasting without refrigeration, but not too sweet – if anyone has any ideas, post me a link!


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