Glorious Coq au Vin from a Jar…

Coq au Vin--The Finished Dish

Coq au Vin--The Finished Dish

I found the Coq au Vin paste below in Sainsbury, in the “special nice foods” section.  And at only £1.59….this appeals to me on lots of levels at the moment!  I thought no way, must be a mistake, full of rubbish, etc, etc. but not true, here are the stated ingredients:

coq au vin paste
coq au vin paste

Water, Shallot, Red Wine, Garlic Purée, Rapeseed Oil, Mixed Forest Mushrooms (Champignon Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, Black Fungus, Boletus Luteus), Sugar, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Black Pepper, Salt, Thyme, Parsley, Cornflour, Celery Seed, Bay Leaf. 

I gave it a whirl.  The cooking instructions are actually inside a peel off label, not that I saw this of course until later.  So, Hampshirecook’s Method was:

Brown some chicken drums and thighs.  Fry some shallots, bacon strips and garlic, add in some button mushrooms, then add in the paste and cook around.  Add in third of a bottle of red wine, and reduce down to half.  Add all that plus a 3/4 litre or a pint of chicken stock and a couple of carrots cut chunky into a casserole and in a medium hot oven for an hour with the lid on–or in my case, a bit of tinfoil since the lid smashed long ago.  Remove the chicken, place back in oven to keep warm while reducing the stock down in a pan on the stove to about half. 


Served it with rice.  Wish I had had some parsley to scatter over but not beating myself over the head about it.

Why Bother?  I can make a passable Coq au Vin from scratch anyway, and it’s pretty simple to do, so why use a jar product?  Well, I could not afford to buy all those rich mushroom flavours, and in this product’s case, there is nothing to worry about in terms of processed food/e-numbers/weird preservatives.  So, will be stocking up on that one, thanks very much!

(NB I do not receive freebies or endorsements for any products or from any supermarkets mentioned in my blog because 1. no-one has ever asked me or sent me anything and 2. I might find that a bit compromising/limiting so I do not seek it.  Any comments are therefore genuine and if you trawl about my posts, I say nice things and not so nice things about my purchases and relationships with food retailers in about equal measure because that reflects my reality…)


2 thoughts on “Glorious Coq au Vin from a Jar…

  1. You know Skyler, I never make Coq au Vin because I perceive it as too much energy for the finished result – not enough bang for my time buck, I guess, but I like the look of this paste. Sainsburies is not my supermarket, ordinarily, but I think I’m definitely popping in for some of this!


    • It is nice, but be prepared, Sainsbury stores down our way have got rid of most of their checkouts in favour of self-service, OK for one or two things but nightmare for a bigger shop with a bottle of wine and any other “you are not allowed to buy this without our permission” stuff. Saves them loads of wages though.


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