“Can Jaffa Cakes Make Me High”…Er, Wot?

Before I started all this blogging lark, I had no idea that when you land on a blog/website, the search term typed to get you there is visible to the authors/designers of the site.  Most searches are just sensible and to the point, phrases like “giblet gravy” or “roasting a chicken temperature“.  A few do stand out though, sometimes because they are sad/cute/revealing or all three: “Why can’t I make soup?”  Oh, bless.

For a while, I had a rather grand and regular searcher who seems to have given up on my site now, Hampshirecook was not quite posh enough for his or her tastes.  How do I know this?  Well, the personal pronoun “one” was used in every search, so almost daily the list had phrases such as “can one really mix ginger and garlic in one’s soup?”; “if one’s gravy is lumpy, what can one do?” and the like.  I imagined some down at heel Duchess whose servants had all run off with the silver, trying to manage a kitchen for the first time. 

This one today though actually made me spit out my coffee:

“Can Jaffa Cakes Make Me High? ”

Er, not to our knowledge…But, I am so loving trying to work out what is going on in this searcher’s head, assuming they are not actually attending junior school.  And, of course, trying to work out what is in Google’s head/algorithim too that bounced that search to me!  Or, do I just need to get out more?


5 thoughts on ““Can Jaffa Cakes Make Me High”…Er, Wot?

  1. Ha, ha, ha. I love this post. The answer to the question is yes of course jaffa cakes can make you high. It’s that combination of cake, orange jelly and chocolate that sends me over the edge every time. Maybe tomorrow you will get “Can jaffa cakes make one high?”


  2. Ha ha! Love this post. I get some strange ones too, like “What is a dish that starts in s and ends in y?” I still haven’t worked out what that dish is, I am not certain there is one. The boyfriend works for Google, perhaps he can offer some insight.


    • Satay…???? That’s it, have racked my brain. There used to be a website that captured live people’s search terms across the net, very, ahem, educational. They were not often looking for recipes…


  3. Haha this is brilliant. We get some incredibly strange ones… but then that’s to be expected when you write about strange things! Still some of my favourites are: ‘breadface’, ‘weetabix tattoo’, ‘what attacks sweetcorn?’ and ‘pick someone up with chopsticks’!!


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