The BESTEST Christmas!

We are avoiding Crimbo completely this year and going to Egypt instead….so on the 25th we will be floating down the Nile on a boat, hopefully champagne in hand.  I wish all my readers a huge, warm and toasty Season’s Greetings and decided for my Christmas post to signpost a few ideas for ye olde festive fayre:

  • Roasting Potatoes in Goose Fat?  I strongly advise not to do this, as you can ruin your oven. Here is why.  You could use a couple of spoons of goose fat for flavour right at the end of roasting, but IMHO, the best thing to do with goose fat is gently fry your eggs in it on Boxing Day, in a frying pan, with the extractor fan on.
  • Making Gravy with the Turkey Giblets?  Same as making it with Chicken Giblets:  See here for the recipe on how to do this.  You could also use the giblets for stock for turkey soup for Boxing Day–hey, it uses up some leftovers…
  • Want to do something special with Carrots?  Glazed carrot recipe here.
  • Best recipe for Brussels Sprouts?  Stir-fry them Chinese style, click the link for the recipe.  We did this for a couple of huge family Christmases and it was fab, the Chinese flavouring goes surprisingly well with the turkey and all the trimmings.  For other sprout ideas, see this great post on CRUMBS family food blog.
  • Turkey Stuffing Recipes?  The best, best, best, most delicious stuffing that anyone can ever make is Chestnut and Cranberry Stuffing.  This is a great recipe for this, from the BBC Good Food site, good old BBC…or do Delia’s traditional Pork, Sage and Onion.  Delish.

I am not a baker so cannot do the whole mince pies/cake/chocolate log thingy…but if you are looking for an unusual, delicious cake, my sister’s clementine and almond cake, recipe here, might just be the ticket.  Canapes…well, this could possibly be a New Year post…

Have a lovely, lovely Christmas!  Keep warm people.


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