Easy Glazed Carrots

Recipe: Easy Glazed Carrots

Glazed Carrots with Caraway

Glazed Carrots with Caraway

 Glazed carrots is yet one more dish that has about a billion blogger versions.  So, to add to the general congestion on the internet where you can hardly find what you are looking for, here’s yet another one, hooray!  But, in my humble opinion, this method is quicker, easier and not as fiddly as about 20+ versions I have taken a look at so far. The provenance of this recipe is that my cousin is a chef, so, thanks v. much Billy, great dish, only sorry my photography does not really do it justice.


As a side vegetable for 4, I reckon on 1 medium-large sized carrot per adult, which works out to about 500g or 1 pound of carrots.  Glazing carrots can turn very ordinary supermarket carrots into something quite special, so freshness is more important than origin, variety or regularity in shape or size. 

Salted butter, around 25g or an ounce per 500g/1 lb.  Use more and the result can be a little “greasy”.  If you use unsalted butter, add in a little salt to the cooking water.  I do not add sugar, carrots have natural sugars enough and adding more sugar o rhoney can make this cloyingly sickly sweet.


Carrot Batons, with a Lemon for Scale

Carrot Batons, with a Lemon for Scale

Wash the carrots (scrub if really dirty) and cut off the top and tail.  I don’t peel them as the vitamins lie just beneath the skin, and peeling is just more work frankly. 

I like cutting baton shapes, these are slightly thicker than julienne strips which can easily overcook and, especially for kids, can be a challenge to get on a fork.  Rondels remind me of school lunches, shudder, and seem to want to clump together in the pot.  Whatever shape, the aim is to achieve roughly the same thickness and length to ensure even cooking.

Place the batons in a suitable pot of cold water. The carrots + water should come up no more than half-way in the pot you are using with the water barely covering the carrots.  Add in the knob of butter.  

 Bring to the boil and just keep bubbling away without a lid until the water disappears, this takes about 25 minutes for carrots for 4 people.  I have been known to accelerate this process on the big wok gas burner on my range if the rest of dinner is ready, though this does make washing the pot afterwards a  bit of a chore!  As the water evaporates, the butter creates a lovely carmelized glaze.  Towards the end of cooking, ie for the last couple of minutes, shake the pot and toss the carrots so they are all coated in the glaze.  This also stops them sticking and burning.  Don’t be tempted to stir with a spoon, as this can break the carrots up.

Serving suggestions: a garnish of fresh parsley or fresh thyme is always lovely.  Lightly toasting caraway seeds by throwing in a teaspoonful towards the end of cooking and as things are carmelizing are very good too.


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