Truly Disgusting Dishes

These disgusting dishes are all real, not parody.  Some even have slideshows telling you how to make them.  If you want to see just how horrific they are for yourself, you will need to google them, because I am afraid to post links because then they will know it was me…

  • Deep Fried Peanut Puree with Blood Orange and Bourbon Sauce: Basically, you deep fry a lump of peanut butter and serve with a sauce.  This is from the US.
  • Beer Can Chicken:  Drink half a can of beer, and prop the chicken up on the remaining half-full can and then roast.  Uhuh, this one was from the US too.  You should see the pix of balancing the chook over the beer can.
  • Chocolate and Perch Omelette: Yes, some nasty river fish and chocolate, in an egg omelette, oh, and with some dill.  Lovely, making it now, it’s a proper Brit dish.  Grew up on the stuff.
  • Spaghetti Pie: Make spaghetti, put in a pie dish ensuring the spaghetti comes up the sides to form a kind of a hard burnt crust, cover the middle with bolognese sauce & cheese and in the oven with it.  You serve it in slices.  What is the point of this, can anyone enlighten me?
  • Ham and Beans:  This is more visual.  The guy makes a truly beautiful glazed roast ham and then, with some flambe-ing no less, turns it into this appetising little number below:
Ham and Beans
Yup, this is what he did with a whole roast ham

Please send me any you come across, I might make it a regular feature… 😉

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